Hi, dear Judy:
Our family arrived in Taiwan on Jul 15,2001 at 8:40pm. We have adapted into the new timezone, no more jetlag. Christine and Sophia went rollerblading at the school in the morning, Sophia needs to learn dance and drawing in the aftermoon. They both are busy. But we were all kept busy during the tours in Vancouver and we enjoyed the tours so much. Those happy times were all created by you.
Looking at our tour pictures and reviewing the ten happy days with you, every moment we spent with you will be forever in our memory. Thank you so much again.
I had told you one of my co-work would like to visit western Canada. I contacted her after I returned to Taiwan, but realized she had asked her friend's travel agency to arrange her tour. She wasn't lucky like us to have a tour with you.
You must still be very busy now, you are so brave and hard working. Hey! When will you get a chance to really relax? Don't forget, a good rest is for walking a long road in the future!
If you happen to visit Taiwan in October, you are welcome to
contact us (if you don't mind).
Thank you and wishing that things go smoothly every day, and that every day is a happy day!
Daniel, Tracy, Christine, and Sophia Pong, Alice Tsai from Taipei
July 19, 2001